it's taken me a couple decades, but i've locked into my real dreams, goals, ambitions and i'm excited to make progress heading down that road!

better late than never

** YEAH!! I can finally come out with my news **
may 1, I officially launched my new business
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Let me take a moment to introduce myself! 

Name: Lana Grefsrud 
Zodiac Sign: Aries
Favorite Food: Hotdish (hey, I am from MN)
Favorite Vacation Spot: Big Sky, Montana

I am a simple girl from small town Minnesota. [Married once // divorced once] Currently living in sin with the man of my dreams. Graphic designer by trade. Jack of all trades in life. I can whip up a healthy delicious dinner (er, supper, depending on where you're from) in less than a half hour. Can pack a cooler and snack in a hot second to head out on a 'date night' (ie: checking cows). 

that's nice - but why are you sharing and why do I care?

Let me dig into the dirty here for a bit. i hope you follow along on my ramblings, as some of it may resinate with where you are at in your life, or have been, or maybe will be. 


SHORT STORY: I PAID OFF ALL MY DEBT, WORKED EXTRA HARD AND SOLD OFF UNUSED ITEMS SO I COULD PUT A BUNCH OF MONEY IN SAVINGS, SOLD MY NEARLY BRAND NEW CAR AND BOUGHT A BEATER (PAID IN FULL). i am fully prepared to eat raman and drink faucet water for the next year or two until i can find rhythm and flow in my new life. 

I have goals. Personal goals. Fitness goals. Business goals. Financial goals. Relationship goals. I am also human and I learned that down time and rest is just as important, so I take time for myself too. I will say that I have one main goal in sight. I am working on it now in the background. Laying down the groundwork and mentally structuring the logistics of its operation. I have a goal date on it as well / May 1, 2020 / pesky non-compete agreement is holding me back for now. I posted that for accountability – I work best under pressure and I know that if I put that out in the world, someone somewhere may ask “hows your goal coming along?” and I want to stay on point.

eye on the prize

every small step counts

I started to journal. I started to give daily gratitude and thanks for the blessings in my life. I took an honest look at the situations and environments where I was feeling drained – and deliberately avoided them. I needed to surround myself with energy – positive energy – amazing friends – fulfilling activities. I made it a point to have a weekly lunch with great people or schedule a morning workout to get the day started right.

I was no longer waiting for my phone to ring with ‘hey, what you doing – let’s grab a drink’ :: because quite frankly sometimes what I needed more than that was a quiet night watching Netflix with my favorite person. This may come as a shock to the people who suffer from FOMO – but sometimes exactly what you need is a quiet night alone.

I dropped my cable subscription in early 2018 after the monthly fee nearly doubled ($100 for a basic package – NO THANK YOU!) While my boyfriend and I do miss the local news, I have zero regrets to unplug from TV – OK, we do still have Netflix, but you get my point, right? Now, my main form of entertainment is audiobooks and podcasts. Any topic that interests you, I promise you can find thousands of episodes for your listening pleasure. Me? I started with Build Your Tribe / Chalene Johnson. Then she’d interview someone that piqued my interest… Lewis Howes, I think. So subscribed to his podcast, The School of Greatness… then one of his guests intrigued me, so subscribed to their podcast…. And on and on and on. Once I started down this podcast path, I binged hard…. Like binged harder than we did Longmire or Breaking Bad on Netflix (seriously!).

What are my go-to shows now?? Glad you asked. I still listen to the ones above, as well as Don’t Keep Your Day Job-Cathy Heller, Ed Mylett Show, Rise Podcast with Rachel Hollis, Goal Digger Podcast-Jenna Kutcher, The Ken Coleman Show, The Marie Forleo Podcast, When to Jump-Mike Lewis, Business Boutique-Christy Wright, The Andy Stanley Leadership Podcast, Armchair Expert-Dax Shepard, Criminal, Do It Scared-Ruth Soukup, and of course TED Talks Daily…. If you only have 15-20 mins to fit something in, you can’t go wrong with a TED talk.

One thing I learned is there is a message to be had in everything you consume; you just need to have an open mind. Be willing to know where your shortcomings are and be openminded to grow and evolve in the change. I think we are all scared to be vulnerable; we are scared to show weakness. We are on social media and see influencers and, heck, even our friends, post perfect pictures and show how wonderful their life is and we all get down on ourselves for not having it all together. Let’s get real – NEITHER DO THEY!

I surrounded myself with positive messages from influential people. Some of those people were local – my sister, family, friends – others have no idea I exist – thanks to amazing networks like podcasts and blogs. I listened to other people’s stories about how they were dealing with the same struggle and what they did to get out. I learned that I am not alone in this mindset. I learned that there are bigger and better things in the world and NO ONE should settle. I learned that there is room at the table for everyone.

I learned… I learned…. I learned… I learned.

(and I'm still learning!)

shout out to my dog-nephew, Archer, for posing with me

There are some days that I feel like a complete fraud. How can I so confidently encourage and rally behind my friends goals and dreams, while simultaneously not being 100% sure where I am heading with my own?? We are all a work in progress and, while I know it sounds cliché, a rising tide lifts all ships.

No matter what your personal story is or where you are in your career, there is no harm in looking at the bright side of things.
Don’t believe me?? Try to implement these mindsets over the next week and see what a difference it make in your life and point of view.

1. Don’t compare yourself to others
2. Speak kindly to yourself and to others
3. Avoid gossip and drama
4. Let go of things that are out of your control
5. Learn to spend time alone
6. Ignore opinions that don’t enhance your life
7. Stay away from people who drain your energy
8. If it feels wrong, don’t do it
9. Don’t be a people pleaser
10. If it doesn’t make you happy, don’t do it

10 things to do to protect your vibe

think about it....

how do i put this tactfully? 

This past week, I have been called brave, inspirational, a badass, strong, determined, courageous. I was told I should be a motivational speaker. I was told that I was doing something fearless. I am certain for every boost of confidence and positive feedback I received, there were equal amounts of negative talk behind closed doors.
What did I do? I resigned from my job. Don’t think for a second, that this was an easy decision.
Over the past year or so, I’ve had steady thoughts/dreams/aspirations of bigger and better things. I went a while ignoring them, thinking that I was dreaming bigger than I needed and that what I had in my life and career was fine. Then small things would happen, get under my skin, so much so that I couldn’t ignore the thoughts in my head any longer.
I made it a point to surround myself with positive words, supportive messages, uplifting people. I binge listened to so many audiobooks and podcasts that I blew through 3 sets of earbuds (mind you they were the cheap dollar store variety). I started a ‘books to buy’ list on Amazon and each time an influencer recommended one, I added it to the queue. I bought (and read) one every other week. I started to believe everything I heard. I started to believe in myself. I started to think that I wasn’t crazy and selfish for thinking BIG thoughts.
Crazy things happen when you change your perspective and change what you expose your mind to… you start to believe it. Sure, I could have continued down the road of settlement. I could have not changed my view and continued to just keep on keeping on. I could have stayed in my rut. BUT I DIDN’T!
What’s next for me?? I have a lot of goals and dreams that are on my radar. I also want to enjoy some sunshine, pontoon time and bike rides. I want to SLOW DOWN MY LIFE. I do plan on making some big announcements in the next few months, so stay tuned… in the meantime, I have a ton of raking to do, gardens to plant, baby calves to bed, projects to finish and LIFE TO ENJOY!

excerpt below from my Facebook post \\ dated April 28, 2019

motivation nation

I saw a post the other day on IG // There should be a tinder for fit friends – “hey girl, want to meal prep, practice handstands and sip kombucha?” and I can say that I don’t disagree with the concept. I’d be down with a group of high lifters that discuss worthwhile topics, maybe a book club to discuss all chapters of “Girl Wash Your Face” or take an enneagram test and learn about who we are at our core. Rather than meeting at night and gorging on cocktails, maybe meet in the morning and have a cup of coffee and hash out meaningful to-dos and goal setting. I am very lucky that my lake neighbors are always down for a morning paddle board cruise on the weekend or evening bike ride. And I do have a few friends that help keep me accountable for early morning workouts. I’m trying to widen my circle to attract more of that. I don’t have a lot of interest in drinking myself into a daze and sleeping half the next day away. Will it happen occasionally? Sure. Do I enjoy it and make it a habit? Heck to the NO!

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