It seems that no matter where I am in my life, I will always gravitate back to freelance design. My career journey started when I was 20 years old (yikes, thats HALF my life thus far!). Upon graduation from high school, I took a semester off to 'figure out what I want to do'. I decided to attend the University of Wisconsin-River Falls for no reason other than my sister attended there and my then-boyfriend lived in that proximity. Note to anyone in this stage in their life, those are NOT good reasons to attend a school. I ended up dropping out after a semester and half, moving back home and signing up for the Commercial Art program at a local tech school. 

I thrived in the small classroom. I enjoyed the hands-on experience. I had kick-ass teachers. I knew as soon as I graduated that this is a career that I can do any time from any where and I immediately started freelancing. 

Since I showed horses and had several connections in that industry, I had a very niche market doing equine publication ads and logos for trainers and fellow friends hitting the AQHA circuit. In 2008, a friend and I joined forces and launched a website design and development company, Mellan Solutions; this was back in the day of Dreamweaver and hand-written code. 

best decision ever

back in the saddle again

Fast forward several years and I got a job at larger manufacturing company that turned out great products for amazing customers. I was making great cha-ching, so I backed off the freelance gig and freed up my evenings and weekends. I was living the dream. That was, until it wasn't any more. So I did what any rational adult would do, I quit my job. Let me say this was a year or more in the making and I took very strategic steps to make it happen. 

I spent this past summer (2019) helping my dad pour concrete and detail cars and enjoy the pontoon, lake and sunshine. Oh, yeah, and went to Sturgis for the rally - living my best life, remember. 

Then, out of nowhere, a couple people inquired about me designing them a website. OF COURSE I can help you with that. Then again, more people starting asking about logo design, and helping with their personal branding. OF COURSE I can help you with that!

A lot has changed in the 20-some years that I have been hitting the keyboard, but one things for certain....

It's crazy how life will serve you what you need, when you need it. It seems like it is coming out of the blue, but in reality, its a higher powers way of delivering good on karma and dreams. 

the key to growth is making changes to adapt to your surroundings



jump off the page

gone are the days of a basic resume created in microsoft word, that's what all of your competitors are doing. you're an awesome person and an even more awesome employee - your future boss needs to see what only you can bring to the table, in 3 seconds flat

resume rehab

business & personal

whether you're new to the game or in dire need a facelift, a fresh brand is an instant game changer. everything from your website, email signature, social media icons, business card and everything in between need to work together and reflect the message your brand stands for

re  branding


online presence

we live in a digital age, and while social media seems to be an easy way to connect with an audience, their algorithms don't put you in front of your ideal market. long story short, if you are a business or brand, you need a web presence

website design

don't see what you're looking for?



[ more to come  //  thanks for your patience ]

Code 4 Service has been by my side since the beginning. Jared reached out to me in early 2018 to revamp his website and make it more mobile friendly. His existing site was hand-coded in Dreamweaver and not responsive (that was hardly starting to be a thing when it was built circa 2011). 
We streamlined the look of the site and made it short, sweet and to the point. With built-in contact forms and click to call features, this answered all his needs and business is booming!

code 4 services


Shada Seed & Ag Services was beginning to outgrow its breaches, so to speak. When Casey started his business, he launched his own site with square space - an awesome way for a new business to get started and get web presence. As his business grew and his site traffic increased, he wanted to up his game a bit. 
We worked together to upgrade his web graphics and text and boost his SEO. His daily hits are already seeing a huge increase growing every week. 

shada seed & ag services


[ Short plug here, but if you are in West Central Minnesota during the fall, you need to visit Thea's Pumpkin Patch! ]
Mike and Brenda reached out to me right before their season opener in the fall of 2019. We rocked-and-rolled and got it up and running just in time for their bustling season! Their existing site had a surplus of images, but not a lot of text, so we amped up the content and boosted the sites SEO. Daily views sometimes reaching the 1000's, this site got its workout right out of the gate. 

thea's pumpkin patch


This was a super fun project!
Kristi and I are former co-workers and our vibe and style always seemed to be on the same page. She also has since moved on from that company and is following her dream of becoming and author and lifestyle influencer. With her positive energy and outlook on life, I have no doubt that this venture will take her far. 
Thank you, Kristi, for contacting me to think outside the box on your book project. Can't wait to see where this adventure takes you!

flourish now // book cover design

I always enjoy working for the working guy // trade industry concepts are my jam - after all, these are the hard working guys and gals that keep the world going 'round - I know, I grew up in a construction family and my boyfriend is also an electrician.
Todds wife Amy (who I have literally known since we were single digits) came to me for a rebranding for Todds Electric business. He came up with some great concepts and after a couple back-and-forths of revisions, we found a winner!

todd fobbe electric // rebranding

Meet Jen! This girl right here is the reason I joined the FASTer Way to Fat Loss program. Her motivation and enthusiasm is contagious and she can somehow pass this onto her followers. Follow her on social and read her blog. You won't regret it!
Oh, yeah, and if you're interested in learning more about the program that has changed her life (and mine) reach out to her... tell her you I sent you!

jen stumbo fitness


I got talked into joining the Viking Gala committee when they promised monthly meetings at the local VFW (girls night and drinks, yes please!) and I am glad I joined. 
Our first year hosting the event (2019) we raised over $10,000 for the teachers and staff of our local school district. Funds are allocated to an enhanced classroom experience for the students. 
Want to help a good cause, check out the site and help make a contribution - anything you can! Everything is appreciated!

pelican rapids viking gala



While every design project is as unique as we all are, they are all composed of the same backbone. Building a strong brand is more than just pairing coordinating colors with a well-designed logo. Strong brands take the time to build a trusting relationship with their market. They know how to speak to their target audience. Not sure where to start? Don’t worry – I got your back!

what to expect

first things first, we can’t start the journey until we know where we’re heading. Where do you see your business in 5, 10, 15 years down the road - I need to feel your vision and enthusiasm. Who are you selling to? What are they buying? Where are they buying it? Do you have a storefront, or work from a home office? Do you work solo, or have a staff on hand? What are your big picture goals? We need to get to the heart of your vision, so let’s put a time on the calendar to connect and discuss all the things! (If we don’t live near each other, don’t worry, this can all be done remotely). This is the fun part. [I LOVE day dreaming about where I will be in 10 years. Some might say I have champagne taste on a beer budget, but I find that my big goals are launching me to the next big stage of my life.] I will provide you with some homework in this step – I will ask that you complete the Brand Analysis Interview [ BA Interview ]. Once we complete this step and talk about all things in your dream, we can start on step two.


great work! I can see your dream right along with you!!! I’m so excited for you! Now, the creative part – let’s mesh your style and vibe with your target audience. I will create a secret dreamboard on Pinterest for you to pin all things you LOVE (more homework, but you can do this with a glass of wine in your hand!) This board should include, but not limited to: fonts, colors, patterns, pictures, building/office space inspiration, product inspiration, anything and everything that you are drawn to; I need to know what inspires you. 


fantastic! You hit the ground running with your BA Interview & Pinterest board! You have done most of the leg work up to this point, so sit back and relax – it’s my turn to get to work! I’ll put together a few initial logo concepts and color palettes for you to mull over. We can mix-and-match and refine elements on these logo concepts until we get a chosen one (why am I picturing Simba being held up in the air here). From here, we’ll collaborate and continue to work on the visual styling of your brand (additional marks, icons, patterns, fonts, etc). 


awesome-sauce! So much momentum, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel!! After finalizing the design elements, we can integrate your brand to your marketing materials. Depending on your package selection, we could part ways here or continue on to designing print materials, social media elements or website design. 



I’m stoked you are ready for the next step! 


tell me about your project




you dream it, I'll design it!

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